Friday, January 28, 2011

Creativity and Innovation

How is creativity related to invention and innovation?
Answer, both of them require a certain amount of thinking and creativity to be able to succeed, and if there is no creativity in the process of the invention or innovation, it will not likely succeed.

What is the purpose of creative thinking?
Answer: It helps us generate new ideas, so that when we invent or innovate, we can brainstorm good ideas, and improve our invention/innovation.

How is divergent and convergent thinking helpful to you when you are doing group work?
Answer: Divergent thinking is useful when we have just started the group work and are brainstorming for ideas. This will allow us to generate lots of ideas, even though they might not make sense. Convergent thinking is useful when we want to extract all the good ideas from our brainstorming, so that we can start on our work.

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