Wednesday, January 26, 2011


1)How is creativity related to invention and innovation?
2)What is the purpose of creative thinking?
3)How does understanding of convergence and divergence thinking help you in your group discussion?

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  1. 1)We would not be able to invent and innovate if we do not have creativity.
    2)We think creatively to think of new ideas or methods to invent or innovate in order to make life easier.
    3)We think of many different ideas before converging them into a a phone.

  2. 1.First, through creativity we can lead to innovation which most likely will lead to an invention one way or another.
    2. I think that creative thinking combined with innovation allows us to create new usable ideas and therefore able to invent something realistic and pratical. Which will help mankind.
    3. It adds many new ideas i would never had thought of and it also corrects some of the flaws which my ideas might have. Most of the groups ideas eventually combine to formed a finished product.