Saturday, February 5, 2011

Creativity, Innovation and Invention...

How are these three perspectives related to each other?

Well, these three are somewhat related. Creativity leads to invention, however you need innovation to make the invention realistic or original. So, this is like an equation 
: Invention = Innovation + Creativity

What is the purpose of creative thinking?

Well, there is actually no purpose for creative thinking, you are thinking creatively everyday. However thinking creatively can help you spice up your life,  helps you uncover a whole different world that you may have never known of. Anything you do, you actually think it over you - This will cause you to find out different ways you can look at a problem. So in actual fact- Creative Thinking , Happens Everyday!

How does understanding of convergence and divergence thinking help you in your group discussion about the idea?

It helps us to generate many resourceful ideas that are that of a wider aspect but in the main focus of the idea or other questions. This also enabled our group members to tackle the ideas or problems efficiently by taking the ideas bit by bit and sorting them out.

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