Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Balloon Challenge

1. What are the strengths of your group?

2. What are some of the challenges that you faced during your discussion?

3. How did you manage to overcome the above challenges that you have mentioned?


  1. We face the challenge of out of ideas.
    We manage to overcome the above challenges that I have mentioned by force fitting our ideas~~

  2. By the way, our strengths are we are very cooperative~~

  3. 1. There are alot of challenges which includes our 'v' arrangement, communication, overloading people talking and our sitting order,lastly the comfort of ourselves.
    2. We changed our arrangement into a better one,we let each other contribute ideas, we try to control our ideas and we bear the uncomforted.

    I am Owen btwfyi.

  4. 1. We are funny and can work well together.
    2. Can't think of ideas and can't hear person speaking.
    3. Think hard and ask person to repeat.

  5. 1. We do not quarrel.
    2.Not everyone is active in contributing ideas.
    3.I tried to encourage everyone to give ideas.

  6. 1. Our group is able to generate many crazy ideas quickly

    2. It was hard to communicate when the tables were in the "V" position

    3. After the first round of discussions, we changed out positions into a rectangle, thus, it is easier to communicate now.

  7. 1. the strength of my group is ruo yu has a lot of ideas.
    2. the challenges during our discussion are that no one laugh so it is not fun.
    3. we and just do our discussion

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  9. 1. I think that our strengths will be work together peacefully.
    2.We had a limited number of people,so the ideas generated is lesser compared to the other groups. We are seated in a way where it is not easy to communicate with one another.
    3. We changed our seats and got into a more comfortable way.

  10. Our strengths are that we are mature enough to let each other talk and not play, very co-operative together and combine our ideas.
    In I&E, we may need to team up and make an design or application together so we would need to know our strengths and weakness or challenges we might face.

    is HAPPY
    does not give UNNECESSARY REMARKS
    3.we contributed ideas to make it NOISYYY
    overall: :/ still decidingggggg.

  12. Chan Shawn Kit3/09/2011 08:49:00 AM

    1. All willing to give and generate ideas.

    2. The limitations of the object uses. The volume of which we need to discuss.

    3. By force-fitting ideas. Base it on another similar object such as a string. When changing the seating arrangements, we moved the tables as close as possible to minimize the distance we need to talk across each other.

  13. Our group strengths are:
    1.We work pretty well together
    2.Time management
    3.Ability to generate USEFUL ideas

    During the discussion,the challenges were there are new members that I have never work with,the banned of not allowing to change the position to have a better discussion environment and the time limit.

    We take turns and show how the objects can work so that those who cannot hear can be able to see the ideas.

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  15. BTWFYI I'm Ishani~~~ <3 

  16. 1.Our group members are actively participating in the discussion and which is why we came up with SO many crazy ideas.
    2.One of the challenges is that our ideas is TOO crazy and sometimes can be counted as ridiculous...
    3.We cancelled out some of the more repetitive(similar) ideas and take down only those which are still possible but we still end up with 72 ideas...


  17. 1. The strengths of our group are that everyone has their own strength and that everyone is co-operative and very "volunteering"
    2. The challenges that we faced in our discussions were that we argued about the correct usage of the balloon.
    3. We overcame this by just listing everything down everyone's ideas and usages.

  18. Group 1:
    1)Our Strengths: Our group is very co-operative, very smart and creative and also respect each others ideas.
    2)Challenges: -As time passes, we have to think harder for ideas because we are out of ideas.
    3)We encourage each other, think of ideas to help them.

  19. Mark :) :( :'( (^^^) :D :O :42: O:) :p 3:)3/09/2011 08:51:00 AM

    1. We are not enclosed, and we are more or less talkative, letting us generate a bunch of ideas.

    2. We were easily distracted and sometimes started talking about something else. And our leader didn't stop that. So sometimes only one or two people would be on the side, generating ideas until the rest came back on track. :( :( :( :(

    3.In the second round, we sort of tried to make an attempt to not talk about the things that would lead us off.

  20. The strengths in group is that all the members are willing to speak up to contribute ideas.
    The challenges we faced is when we first started our discussion, we were in a awkward position, thus we have to speak rather loud to speak across. Other groups are also doing the same. Hence, we are not able to hear clearly.
    After that, we change our sitting arrangement we were able to communicate better (:

  21. Sorry, anonymous is me. :(
    - Jiajun

  22. 1. Everybody in our group actively contributes ideas and when you compile them, we get a lot ideas.
    2.Some of the challenges we faced would be when we slowed down in our idea generation,some people started playing around a bit and when we were not clear of our roles.
    3. We eventually got more serious, assigned our roles and generated more ideas.

  23. 1. The strengths are that everybody in our group would contribute ideas and we would really stay on track.
    2. Some of the challenges that we faced are that we did not agree with some of the ideas .
    3. We managed to overcome them by changing them to other ideas and improve on them.

  24. 1.The strengths is that we are able to communicate well.
    2.We were not able to generate new ideas.
    3.We used force fitting.

  25. 1. We are co-operative and we do not put down our group members ideas.

    2. The restriction and impossibility of the ideas in real life. Sometimes creative ideas seems to not sound realistic.

    3. We ignore the physical properties of the existing balloon and assume ur own properties. Come up with ideas by force fitting and to think out of the box were what we did too.

  26. Our strengths are that we can generate a lot of original and interesting ideas and we manage time well. Everyone gets a chance with contributing ideas.

    Some of the challenges that we faced were that we took some time to think of the ideas and the distance to communicate is very far when we are seated in a v shape at first.

    We managed to overcome these challenges by changing our seating arrangement and raising our volume a bit.


  27. We work well together and there are no arguments so far.
    We can't generate enough ideas and have not so good time management.
    Play with the thing more and plan a timetable

  28. 1.We cooperate with each other very well.
    2.Generating reasonable ideas.
    3.We force fitted our ideas and overcame our challenges.